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"Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality". The Dalai Lama.

For the last 8 years, I have been involved with the visual education process of young and interesting talents, mostly students of the Miami Ad School at the Wynwood Art District, and institutions like the Miami Institute of Photography (MIP), plus private workshops, both in San Francisco and Miami, as well as Individual Training (mentoring) and Corporate (Group) training, teaching mostly Advanced Photography and Lighting, Color Correction and SmartPhone Photography for students of Advertising careers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters, and of course, the future generation of photographers, as well as taking corporate personnel, photography lovers, assistants, and aspiring shooters to their next level.

We do not need a world full of bad pictures. We want a world where great visuals are found just everywhere we look!

Check, for example, this post (published years ago) at the Miami Ad School Blog:


Now, the current global health crisis and slow recovery process are driving many educational systems to be refurbished, updated, and promoted to be taught using REMOTE OR VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS ONLINE, via the platforms that facilitate such process. This has presented an interesting challenge for Professionals and Instructors alike, as we see the urgency to adapt classic methods (in person) education and now run the same training via remote meetings.

NOTE: For more info on the Virtual SmartPhone Training, please visit this link:

Jorge Parra Photography is already running the REMOTE EDUCATION Training, simultaneously in Miami and New York, and also running One on One tutoring. The start is with the basic courses, this is, SmartPhone Photography Level I and Explorations in Digital Photography Level 1, PLUS Photoshop and LightRoom Basics.

We are also adding a very special Workshop on Creativity and Portfolio Development, where students will be exposed to a series of challenging exercises to explore their own creativity and from that point on, the creation of new work for their portfolios will be monitored remotely, as the participants keep exploring their goals and the unexpected yet amusing changes and reinventions that this process generates in each one.

As a final note, I have been appointed (March 2020) to become a member of the Advisory Board of Education for the Profesional Photographers of America, the largest photographers organization in the USA. The Committee will take care of preparing and developing the educational online training in so many areas and fields for the Commercial Photographers within the organization and for the general public too, as the need for proper training is never low in demand.

NOTE: All the in-person Advanced Photography and Lighting Workshops, including Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, and The Fine Art Nude are being postponed until we can all get back together in the studio and on locations to do the actual hands-on training that people love so much!

Stay tuned! Please make contact to keep you informed of upcoming seminars and workshops.


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